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Levi Blom

Levi Blom, Butte, Montana musician

While hockey and music seem like an unlikely combination, there is a common thread - Levi Blom. The multi-talented singer/songwriter not only has a passion for music but for hockey as well. The Butte, Montana native took his devotion to hockey all the way to the semi-professional level skating with the Soo Indians, Marquette Electricians, Helena Bighorns, Bismarck Bobcats and Bozeman Stingers. After being sidelined by a devastating injury, Levi, rather than letting that life changing moment define him, turned his attention to his other passion...music, so now, Levi is "hitting the stage" rather than "hitting the ice." Levi Blom, Butte, Montana musician

Playing hockey was a dream come true for Levi - one that came to fruition because of his hard work, talent and determination. Reaching new heights each year, he was well on his way to the pinnacle of his profession, but when that life altering injury closed that door, Levi opened another one, changing his personal tragedy into triumph by turning his musical passion into a career.

It was the death of several friends and his dog all within a short period of time that originally brought Levi to music. The loss was almost too much, but he turned his heart to music to ease the pain. That's where his burning passion began - now playing guitar, singing and writing songs are a regular part of his day.

Levi Blom, country musician

Being an avid outdoorsman, he enjoys hunting and riding horses. Levi comments, "I'm a city slicker looking guy, but I'm a 100% country." The freedom of the outdoors and the unconditional love of his dogs and horses sets the mood and gives him the inspiration to write. He notes, "My biggest thing is to sing songs that I love and that relate to me."

Levi is thankful for it all - the good and the bad. It's given him a positive perspective on life and shaped his music. He notes, "I think life is awesome and music is what makes the world go around." Levi is thankful for his freedom and appreciates those who put their lives on the line to serve and protect every day. Every time he walks on the stage, he's excited about sharing his music and is hopeful his songs will give someone that same healing effect he felt.

Levi Blom has scored his first musical goal with the release of Rivers & Roads. A second musical goal was scored when Levi opened for Joe Nichols. ...And with a full album on the horizon; he's set to score another goal soon!